Saturday, January 02, 2016

Losts and Founds

We have an exceptionally large bathtub and the cats like to get into it and play.
I found a little blue rubber ball on a walk ages ago but didn't know what to do with it, because it was so small, so I dropped it into my purse and left it there. That little blue ball was perfect for the bathtub. You can actually hear them playing with it. During Christmas dinner, my mother-in-law paused in her eating to listen to the bang-roll, bang-roll sound coming from the other side of the dining room wall.
"That's the cats playing with a ball in the bathtub," I told her.
Last week, Remy wandered into the dining room last week with the blue ball in his mouth. This opened up a whole new play area for the little blue ball. A large, uncontained area. Within the day, the little blue ball was lost. 
Every so often, I get on my hands and knees and go searching for it under the furniture. The other day, I flipped up the reclining parts on the loveseat and discovered all the balled-up paper that Leonard likes to play with.
Along with a whole bunch of dusty cat hair.
I took a photograph because it's a snapshot of our life for the past two weeks: a couple of lottery tickets, a candy wrapper, a phone message, some wrapping paper. You can discern our lives from the piles under the furniture.
No blue ball yet but I haven't looked under the hutch in the laundry room. I'm afraid to; that's strictly cat territory and there might be more than scrunched paper and hairballs under there.

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