Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hooked On Hearts

For some reason, this is the pattern what I want to hook.
The last Saturday of every month, there is an Introduction to Rug Hooking workshop at Deanne Fitzpatrick's studio in Amherst. With writing a column in mind, I attended the one at the end of November and decided to put together my own starter kit for hooking a heart.
When I pulled out the burlap for my first attempt, I realized that one, it was rectangular, and two, far too big for a first attempt. So I cut it in half and the result: Two hearts are better than one.
This second heart used up the leftover "accent" wool I had bought.
I want to keep creating hearts on my 11x12 squares so this afternoon, I'm going to slip into Deanne's studio and buy more burlap and select more wool.
You can't tell but I'm typing that in a whisper because it feels so exciting, so easy and fun, it makes me so happy, that it deserves reverence -- hushed tones and head bowing. Maybe I'll even cross myself as I stand before the Great Wall of Wool.

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