Tuesday, May 02, 2017


I've been home from the Ontario book tour since Friday afternoon, and for the last three nights, my dreams are all about the book tour.
You know how dreams are. They aren't a replay of anything, and sometimes they don't make sense (why was I joining a high school basketball team on their bus? With my cat??) but I'm dreaming about being on a book tour. I'm still on book tour in my dreams!
During our three-day stop in Cobourg, I was interviewed by a 16-year-old boy young man who has a television studio in his basement. He'd just returned from a school trip to England, Belgium and France for the Vimy 100 commemoration, a once-in-a-lifetime trip that also saw him provide a news story for a Toronto TV station's Sunday evening newscast. Less than a week back home, he seemed to be struggling to reintegrate. Back home to a math test and an interview with an obscure Nova Scotia writer and the same old people gathered in the kitchen on a Friday night.
On a smaller scale, my mind, at least, is having a hard time coming home from the book tour. I love interacting with readers through my stories and through our conversations, and to be on a book tour was one of the things I anticipated about publishing my first book.
I'm missing that interaction, in part because there are no plans for more any time soon. There's a lot of competition for book store appearances in our small provinces, and I'm not a known name on the circuit, so it's taking time to set up events around Nova Scotia. For now, as I work on new book projects, I'm content to let my dreams come true while I'm sleeping.

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