Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let's Not Be Crabby About the Weather

I love this quote by Alberta photographer Sara Jewell, who I follow on Instagram:
"Living with four seasons means you never get bored and your world seems to morph into each new season with anticipation and excitement."

Ah, a tribute to different seasons, a celebration of the rich variety of weather in our seasons. Not just sunny and warm every day but wind and rain, snow and ice, sunshine and white clouds edged in silver. Who wants the same old-same old every day?

Perhaps those who have lost someone to cancer, to a car accident, to a suicide bombing. Their new normal will never be the same.

It drives me crazy, it drives me to shout at my television when news anchors lament about the weather. "Oh, no, not another rainy day," or "When will this rain end?'
Since when do news anchors have license to whine?
We had three days of sunshine but all anyone wants to talk about is the cold wind. 

Welcome to the land mass sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean.

My mother overheard a woman complaining at the grocery store this morning about how depressed she was because of the weather. "We can't even go to the beach."
1) How often do Maritimers get to frolic at the beach in May, hm? Honestly?
2) An eight year old girl is among the dead in yesterday's suicide bombing in Manchester and you're complaining that a rainy day makes you depressed? You're lucky. There are 22 people dead in the UK who will never go to the beach again.

I'm grateful today that I can feel raindrops on my face.

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