Monday, May 01, 2017

Ontario Book Tour in Five Photos

Our first stop, Kingston, provided a nice transition into city life. We stayed with my friend Gail at her lovely home in the country, and I was able to get reacquainted with her horse, Earli Bird.

 For the book launch in my hometown of Cobourg, I wanted to offer a little taste of the Maritimes so I spent a couple of hours baking oat cakes. I properly represented HOME for the evening.  This was a fun night; a party brought in the middle of my baking, and we ended up mingling Maritime oat cakes with Chinese fortune cookies!

Got a true city fix by taking the GO train then the subway to my friend Jennifer's house - she of the chicken/red boots essay - in the Bloor West Village. We had a lovely walk through High Park the next morning but unfortunately, the store where I bought those red boots is no longer in business.

Seriously! This is the new-to-me library in my other hometown of Trenton (the high school and university years). The librarian couldn't understand why I was so excited ("This was built 15 years ago") but when I lived in Trenton, the library was small and dingy, and there was no marina. All you can see out those huge windows was field back in the 1980's; it's where my father walked the dog every morning. Honestly, I'd either have written a book in this library, or got nothing done because I would have been looking at the weather the whole time. This library was a delightful surprise. Good on Trenton for creating a lovely waterfront at the mouth of the Trent River system.

This book tour was a true celebration with people who have supported my writing, and waited patiently for the publication of my first book, for twenty years.
What I really enjoyed was reconnecting with friends, and connecting with readers. Also, it was great to have four opportunities to read and share my stories with an audience. I have returned home feeling uplifted by readers' reaction to Field Notes and motivated to get working harder on my To Write list.

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