Friday, May 12, 2017


A year ago, I emailed my editor at the UC Observer magazine wondering if this story was something she'd be interested in, and would I be able to write it since it is about my own sister? She felt it was better suited to a parenting magazine.
Then, this past January, she contacted me to say she was interested in it for the May issue and was I still interested in writing it? 
Of course I was.
Here's the part I love: a friend of a friend, photographer Allison Mah, does "A Day In the Life Of..." photography during the winter when there are few weddings happening. She was coming in the same week to spend a day with my sister's family. 
This article also marks my first feature with the UC Observer, for which I've been writing for 23 years, including a 10-year run as a columnist. 


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