Monday, June 30, 2014

A Very Good Morning

Rosie our rabbit finally moved into her cottage last night.
I've been waiting for 1) the grass to grow thick and tall inside the outdoor cage and 2) the nieces and nephews to arrive so they could help. They are so eager to help Aunt Sa with the chickens and rabbit but they are quick and many, curious and long-limbed, and scare more than they mean to.
Despite being half-wild, not really a pet, Rosie lay frozen still in my arms while the kids gave her a good patting. Her fur is so soft. They marveled at her cat-like nails.
As I carried her outside and around the corner of the coop, she lifted her head towards the setting sun and relaxed in my arms.

When I checked on her this morning, she'd already made trails through the grass and was soaking up the summer sun.

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