Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hope, Always

On the way home from Lorneville United Church this morning, where I'm leading the service next week, I drove over to the church in Linden, also part of my duties, to get all my mileage clocked out. As is the way with rural pastoral charges now -- this one is a four-point charge -- there was no service in Linden today but at the church in Amherst Head. As I turned around the driveway, my car was facing this field.
I noticed the deer.
And I noticed something more.
You can't see it in this photo and I'm sorry I didn't have the zoom lens because she has a fawn near her hind legs. A small, newborn fawn following its mother through a green field of wildflowers.
It was an emotional service, led by Rev. Ruth Gamble, a service that touched on the events of the incredible tragedy of the senseless shooting deaths of the three RCMP officers in Moncton. It was a necessary service; we can't ignore the bad in the world and when Ruth asked who has a connection with the RCMP or any police force, most of us there admitted to one, some active, some retired, some family, some friends.
This moment afterwards, a reminder.
Life goes on.
Find the beauty.
Don't rush by without noticing.
Stop a moment and be filled with gratitude and grace.


  1. Thanks Sara....It was good to meet in rural NS, we see much beauty - there is usually deer in that field each week..sometimes many deer......Blessings as you share ministry with many.

    1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to it and I'll make sure I look for the Renwick deer again.