Monday, June 02, 2014

Where I Get My Buzz

This is our potting shed. My husband built it a few years ago but this is really our second year of making use of it. We aren't yet organized enough to start seedlings in early April but we've moved beyond simply storing purchased plants until the soil is warm enough for planting. Right now, we have tomato plants, potatoes and nasturtiums popping up in their pots of soil. That's a great way to show us how amazing this plant sauna is. The nasturtiums in these pots are way up while the seeds planted outside in sunny planters have yet to show their faces.
The potting shed is my favourite place to hang out after a long day at work. Stepping inside the door, all sound fades away. Literally. It's a sound cocoon in there. It's the best white noise. Nothing but thick, warm air. No music, no voices, no machinery. One summer, we had wasps build a nest in a top corner and it was nice to have their steady buzzing for company but they've never returned. I kept the nest, though, just one of several interesting items that end up in this humid piece of gardening heaven.
Oh, and this potting shed is also a hospital. Two house plants that Archie the cat keeps eating are spending the summer in the potting shed. I hope they grow strong enough to resist his attacks.

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