Sunday, June 22, 2014

You and Me

There's a verse written on the side of a wide candle holder in our home that says the best part of the day is the end when we get to be together.
When we get to be you and me.
All day, we go our separate ways, work and errands, phone calls and interviews, blog updates and doctor's appointments. Rushing around, being busy, doing all the things that need to be done for us to feel like we have this life, this property, this relationship under control.
So last Tuesday when I arrived home from work, I said to my husband, "Let's go for a bike drive."
As soon as I get on that back seat and wrap my arms around his chest, as soon as I feel the vibration of the bike and hear the (unfortunate) roar of the engine, I feel like I am home.
Everything else is put aside -- worry, lists, plans -- and we head into the woods where we belong. Connected to each other, connected to the world. This world, natural, wild, free.
I am me again.
We are you and me again.

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