Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Get Batty

You know when the government decides it's time to track something, that something is already in dire straights. The little brown Myotis bat, the northern Myotis and the tri-coloured bat are now on the endangered species list.
That's not good.
So there is a call out for people to call if they see any bats because white-nose syndrome (a fatal infection caused by cold-climate fungus) has killed millions of bats throughout northeastern North America in just a few years.
Bats and bees. Two species who are so important to our ecosystem and they are being killed off faster than we can dial the one-eight-eight number.
I don't know about you but I don't mind bats. Bats eat bugs. Just as I don't mind dandelions because bees love dandelions.
We are called to search out bat roosting sites in order to monitor them. Apparently, the best time to check them out is the hour between sunset and darkness. I have no idea how to find a bat roosting site but it sounds like a pretty cool evening adventure. The website, linked here, has information about this. Live near a barn, a bridge, an abandoned house? You can help without disturbing the bats -- or them disturbing you. But what's more disturbing? A nest of bats or no nests at all?
I can't say I love bats but I'm not afraid of them. No, not now. Now I'm afraid FOR them.


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