Friday, September 05, 2014

Evening Sky

My days begin with mornings and evenings.
No, that's not a "well, duh!" statement. I'm up early to walk the dog and I do the chicken chores after supper. This is the movement that brackets a day of sitting at a desk. On busy days, like yesterday or Mondays and Tuesdays at the newspaper, I'm only outside in the mornings and the evenings. The rest of the day is spent in front of a computer monitor.
You can't spend your life looking at the world through a screen. You gotta get out there and see it and feel it and touch it and smell it.
I think spending too much time at a screen - computer, television, phone, tablet - is as bad for our spirit as it is our brains and our bodies. We aren't born from a machine and we do not return to a machine so when we limit our connection to and interaction with dirt and grass and wind and rain, bugs and frogs and deer and birds, we become less human.
My days begin with mornings and evenings and I make the most of those few hours when I am truly human.

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