Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Five Degrees

A cold morning. No frost but a heavy mist was sweeping over our fields and rising from the river this morning as I took the dogs outside to fetch the paper just before seven o'clock. A time of harvest indeed and a time of leaving. Perhaps the flounder on the lawn was a parting gift from the ospreys because once the nest is empty for more than 24 hours, it usually means they all have headed south.
Are they gone earlier this year than in other years? you ask.
I'm not sure but I believe this is about right. And I've never seen any indication that their leaving corresponds with a hurricane brewing down south.
It's so quiet with the ospreys gone. Their constant chirping is the steady soundtrack to our days for six months of the year. And our hopes they are doing well in Texas and Mexico are our silent prayers for the other six months.

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