Sunday, September 14, 2014

Turn and Face the Sun

This is my motivational photo of the week. I dedicate this to all creative types who are trying to hit that one breakthrough -- the break through to achieving your heart's dream. Whether it's singing or painting, making movies or writing books, we are striving for that moment when someone says, "Yes, I want this," and you are on your way.
This is one stalk. There are ten blossoms on this stalk.
I did not plant this sunflower seed; I just noticed the shoot coming out the ground next to the chicken coop steps. It's likely a seed from the sunflowers that were planted in those big green flowers boxes last year; this year, I chose to plant kale and nasturtiums.
And yet here is this bright, beautiful profusion of sunflowers as well. The best kind of surprise.
You never know what seeds get planted and where they take root so you must keep your eyes open for those new green shoots in order to protect and nurture an opportunity that may blossom once, or a dozen times. You may end up totally surprised by what grows and those are the best moments. The unexpected Yes that takes you in a direction that is better than you imagined.
I suppose I could really stretch this metaphor by reminding you: When you think your goals and your dreams are stuck in the shit pile, remember that everything grows better with a little chicken poop under its roots.

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