Sunday, September 07, 2014

How To Handle The Perfect Pepper

I bought my pepper plants from Coastal Gardens this year and put them in a pot on the back deck. I just let them be, watered them daily, fed them occasionally, and one day, these three gorgeous, shiny, perfect peppers were there.
Now what do I do? They are so perfect, they don't look real. Peppers that lovely deserve to be part of a perfect dish. I can't bring myself to harvest them until I know they won't sit unused and rotting in my crisper (yes, that does happen, much to my shame).
More shame: I can't remember the name of the woman from Coastal Gardens but I stopped by her booth at the Pugwash Farmers' Market this weekend and she asked after my plants. How did she know? So I told her how well they did and about my current dilemma.
"Stuffed peppers," she said. "They'll make perfect stuffed peppers."
Indeed they will. That is a suitably rare dish for these gorgeous peppers.

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