Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not So Bad

My grandmother used to say (apparently) that "You get used to hanging if you hang long enough."
She'd likely be saying that these days when it comes to the snow we've been getting.There is nothing we can do about the snowstorms buggering up church and 4H meetings and trips to the city. We are so lucky we didn't stay overnight in Moncton when we went to the Christina Martin concert on Thursday evening, otherwise, we would have been hanging out with her and the band at the Pizza Delight in Sackville after the TransCanada Highway through the Tantramar Marsh was closed due to high winds and blowing snow.
It was bad enough here. We know have more snow in our backyard than we did after last weekend's blizzard. Even with today's rain, we'll be snowshoeing to the chicken coop until the spring thaws kicks in. You can't walk easily with a bucket full of warm water when you've sunk up to your knees in snow.
But what can you do? Try standing outside in a snowstorm and see if you can hold it off! There's no point complaining and I'm certainly grateful to live in Cumberland County, where we're getting snow, instead of along the Atlantic coast where rain and ice are making lives miserable.
When that Red Bar of Doom shows up on the Environment Canada website for the local area, there is nothing we can do but lay our heads on the table, just for a moment, then go to the laundry room and fill up those buckets with water.

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