Friday, February 20, 2015


The space around my desk is very, very cluttered right now. Every so often, I do a cull, peeling pieces of paper off the wall and moving ornaments onto a shelf. But at the moment, for the next two months, really, I'm deep into writing projects, diverse projects, important projects, and there's no time for tidying. The mess will pile up and it, too, shall be a symbol of creativity, productivity and procrastination time spent on Facebook and Twitter.
The house used to be cleaner and the cookie tin fuller before I discovered social media. Before I became determined to publish books come hell or high water (which may happen this spring with all the snow we are receiving).
But I do take time to arrange the appropriate talismans for the work at hand. In the current arrangement, the elephant reminds me to take it one day, one project, one chapter at a time; the dragonfly mug reminds me that change and transformation are good things; and the beeswax candle cleanses the air in my office, allowing me to work longer.
As if the snow drifts and blowing snow weren't encouragement enough to stay inside and write.

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