Friday, February 06, 2015

Snow Art

At the risk of getting pelted with snowballs, this is how you cope with storm after storm after storm: Find the beauty. Is the deck half full or half empty of snow? Enjoy the flakes, knowing that each one is totally unique.
Of course, this is coming from someone with three decks, none of which are shovelled off.
Of course, you could just be like the chickens who look out the coop door and it doesn't matter whether they see their shadow or not -- they see snow and say, "Looks like six more weeks of winter to me."
The other night, I had to go into town to take a photo for this week's community correspondent report on CTV Morning Live. When I came out of the arena, it was just starting to snow and the streets were empty. I wanted so badly to take the dog for a walk. As much as I embrace my country life and don't want to live anywhere else, that's what the city girl in me misses about living in town: Going for walks in the falling snow after dark, enjoying the quiet streets, the muffled noises, the peace of the evening. 

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