Sunday, July 05, 2015

And Then This Happened

 We were sitting on the back deck having a lunch break when we realized we could see heads in the nest. We'd seen two last week but today, we confirmed there are three chicks. The head of one is just visible against the mother's body. 

As we sat there, a third osprey showed up. This is the second time this week this has occurred. Earlier, when Jane and I were walking up the lane with the dogs, two osprey (with one in the nest) circled over us for such a long time, it seemed deliberate. 

And then this happened: a THIRD osprey showed up. And no one was driving any of them away. They were soaring together in harmony.

And then THIS happened. I looked at the nest -- and there the mother was still sitting in the nest with the three chicks. Four ospreys flying around above the field behind the. FIVE osprey in total.

As I wrote in my 2011 Saltscapes article about our year of the osprey (which is now our seventh years of the osprey), they are considered a "messenger bird" -- if an osprey has flown into your life, it means important information is coming. What do three extra ones mean??
We can interpret signs and messages only for our own selves. I can't speak to what this might mean to my husband, with his personal struggles and plans, but my book writing is suddenly in the fast lane with interest coming from several publishers.One quote from a website of animal meanings suggests, "If you desire to see your ambition realized, move on it now."
Truthfully, this is why writers prefer to work during the cold, dark winters when the natural world is hibernating or down south. There are far too many distractions in the summer time -- and far too many nice days to be inside moving on those ambitions... We'd rather be outside on the deck, watching the skies for messages from our feathered friends.

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