Friday, July 31, 2015

Time To Fly

It's a busy time here on our little piece of rural heaven.
The osprey babies are flapping their wings and crying for more food -- which means they are going to have to take that leap, soon, and learn to fly.
The writer (hey, that's me!) has fingers flying across the keyboard, writing columns, and articles for Saltscapes (two issues this fall), and, dare I mention it, essays for a book that a publisher is very interested in.
Chee-chee! as the hungry osprey say. Bring it on! Chee-chee!
Sometimes you gotta step onto the edge of the nest and flap your wings so hard, for so long, that you take off into the sky, into the wind currents even if you don't think you're ready. You've got the wings -- it's time to use them, baby.

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