Saturday, July 25, 2015


It's a very lush summer, for sure. We're enduring a week of rain and desperately need the sun to return -- after rain beat out the cucumber seeds, I finally found some cucumber plants but they haven't grown a centimeter since they were planted two weeks ago -- but all the moisture certainly is making this green acres.
It's kind of nice to the see purple vetch growing up the side of the hen pen, and the chickens seem to like their Maritime jungle habitat. As nature writer and author Harry Thurston said at his presentation in Pugwash the other night on the Nova Scotia land bridge, "We need more green, less red."
On his chart, red represented the human footprint. So little green (conserved land) and too much red (sorry, humans, our footprint on the earth is too large and destructive).
My husband jokes that if he weren't here, the grass and wildflowers and weeds would take over the property.

He's right, of course. I hate mowing and I love flowers. I have no idea how to do basic repairs. I figure wisteria and clematis could hold the house together, and I'd be totally justified in getting sheep and goats for yard maintenance.

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