Monday, July 13, 2015

Planning For Babies

The baby swallow was out of -- and put back into - the nest several times yesterday morning but since then, it seems to have figured out it can't fly yet.
Or else the cat got it.
There are babies, too, in the nests above the garage light. I stand there and say, "Don't jump out until you can fly. It's a long way down here." I hope those wee ones are smarter than our flighty little feller out back.
Looking back through my photos, this one was taken two years ago today: our chicks. Is this me looking at baby photos and commenting how time passes so quickly that you hardly remember having babies around?
These lovely little chicks, so much bigger than the swallow baby, have grown into proper hens that lay green-shelled eggs for us. I think next summer we'd better hatch out some eggs. We should rebuild our flock, yes, but it's also quite nice to hear tiny "cheep-cheeps" whenever we go into the coop.

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