Monday, July 06, 2015

My Handsome Fella

I'm spending too much time inside at the computer and not nearly enough time outside with the chickens.
When you have a rooster as handsome and easy-going this fella, there is no reason not to join the flock.
Brewster is seven years old now. My husband claims he walks with difficulty because of arthritis in his feet but I think it's because he has these enormous spurs.

Only once has he ever used them on me, years ago when we had a white hen named Lily that he took a dislike to. I was carrying her out of the coop, in order to set her up in the rabbit area so she could escape Brewie's bullying (we finally had to rehome her), and that's when he went at me. Other than that moment, he's been an angel. We have been very fortunate to have a nice rooster.
What I love best about him? I will hand feed him a piece of bread or piece of strawberry and he'll drop it on the ground for one of the hens to snap up. He does this until he's sure everyone has eaten something then he'll start to keep the food for himself.
We have no idea how long a rooster lives but I'm starting to think we should hatch out some chicks in order to create a replacement Brewster. Anybody have a Barred Rock hen who wants to hang with the big Brew-man for a week or so?

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