Saturday, November 07, 2015

Getting Sauced/Getting Duped

The birds did not eat our cranberries. Which is lucky for me because I'd noticed them on our high bushes several weeks ago but as is my life, if I don't act immediately on a thought -- I should pick those cranberries -- I forget immediately as I keep juggling all my ongoing projects.
I was delighted, then, to notice all these berries, ripe and red and round, hanging on the bushes as I took our wind chimes to the garden shed. (Always a moment of sadness when the wind chimes have to be put away for winter.) And I was even more delighted to realize we had so many. We were given these two bushes back in 2007 or 2008 and haven't paid much attention to them. It's fun to finally have a crop we can use.
My husband left mulching leaves with the lawnmower to help me pick.
"I"ll make a roast chicken next week," he declared.
"Oh, no, these cranberries are for Christmas," I answered.
Our first crop of homegrown cranberries deserve to be served at a special occasion. 

APPARENTLY -- and I actually suspected this as I was picking them because they are so small -- these are NOT high-bush cranberries -- do they even exist?? -- but red currants.
Red bloody currants.
What am I supposed to do with a handful of red currants?
This is what happens with FREE stuff, right? You get what you are given and it's usually a surprise.
So...if anyone wants two cups of red currants, I have some right here for the picking.
FREE -- but you will know what you are getting. 

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