Monday, November 30, 2015

Support A Small Cheese Farm

I wrote a couple of years back, in April 2013, has it really been that long? about Sweetwood Farm in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia (near Mahone Bay) and my new friend, Heather Squires, who is working very, very hard towards her dream of opening a licensed cheese-making facility in order to produce fine, artisan -- and very good for you -- goat cheese products.

If you would like to support her continuing efforts, she is selling Sweetwood Farm calendars this year as a fundraiser. I'm getting one and using it as my desktop day planner so every day I get to see some fabulous faces like the ones above.
She also has pigs and guinea hens and cats -- oh, and a partner named Neil! 

I know there is a lot of pull on your hard-earned dollars this time of year but please check out the link below to learn more, and to be convinced in helping out Heather and Neil and the lovely goats, I mean, GOALS of Sweetwood Farm. They're not needy; they just have a dream they are pursuing.
Seriously, when you see the cover model, you won't be able to resist! (I certainly wasn't!)

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