Thursday, November 12, 2015

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On magazine racks now!
             After Faron Young and his wife Joyce moved into their home in Springhill, Nova Scotia, in 2008, the large tree stump near the sidewalk at the front of their property caught Faron’s eye. He began to study the stump, its lines and angles, and within a couple of years, he knew exactly what to do with it. 
            But even Faron, a wood carver for more than 30 years, couldn’t predict what would happen once he’d carved his vision of a wood spirit into the street-facing side of the trunk, along with the words, ‘Touch for luck, health, fortune.’ Neighbours worried the unique carving would be vandalized but after three years, the wood spirit has inspired only curiousity, even devotion.
That's the opening to an article published in the latest issue of Saltscapes magazine. I've been writing for Saltscapes since 2004, and finally landed a cover story! My article about Springhill carver Faron Young, and about carving in the Maritimes, is the feature story in the current issue. It's great to see one of Faron's Santas on the cover!
Plus, the tree spirit Faron carved into a tree stump on Burton and Louise Ripley's property in Port Howe is one of the photographs with the article.
The editorial and art teams at Saltscapes are amazing to work with; I'm very fortunate to be one of their regular contributors. The staff always make my words look good.

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