Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Unscheduled Cleaning Day

Some of you may think the sunshine pouring in the windows is lovely but for those of us who are busy writing columns and sermons and Christmas Eve services, the sunshine pouring in the windows this morning simply could not be ignored.
Normally, I'm very good at ignoring the dust and smudges and clumps of cat hair that are suddenly lit up by the sun BUT the countdown is on to the first Sunday in Advent which means the Christmas decorations go up.
And even I, as sloppy a housekeeper as I have become (even though I don't mind cleaning, it's no longer a priority), cannot decorate a dirty house.
So while the crew that creates all the hairballs lounged around in the sunshine, soaking it up, I did some cleaning.
Okay, what I did was wipe some surfaces and note what really needed a good scrubbing once the stuff I'd rather be doing -- like writing a Christmas Eve service -- were finished.
This is the real reason why writers like rain and snow, people. We prefer our illumination to come from within. It's less distracting.

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