Friday, November 20, 2015

When You Don't Know What To Say

The light has dimmed, hasn't it?
It's dark all over the world. But sometimes, we have to take a step back from saving the world, trying to save strangers, from trying to change hearts and minds, and turn our attention to those right around us. Our small acts of love here at home are enough.
These are long, dark, rough days for many friends and neighbours. A daily struggle to find hope, to keep emotions from overcoming, from collapsing as you walk upstairs and sobbing your eyes out on the fifth step.
Although sometimes you just have to do that, get it over with, just sit there and be there and let that happen. Catch your breath, dry your eyes, wipe your nose on your sleeve, then stagger up and keep climbing. You have no choice, do you, but eventually you will reach the top of that difficult mountain, and whatever awaits you there, and begin the descent back to level ground.
Keep an eye out; on that climb, on that journey, while exhausting, heartbreaking, seemingly endless, there is beauty around you. Allow yourself to experience moments of joy; they will carry you through all the other moments.
Take the hugs when they are offered. Hold on to each other for 30 seconds. Restock your energy.
You may not be aware of it, and you're not expected to be these days, but there are a lot of people around you who will catch you if you fall -- who will keep you from falling in the first place. Let go and let them take care of you. 
Shut out the rest of the world; we can take care of it while you rest, while you weep, while you walk. We promise it will still be here, spinning half-out-of-control, when you are ready to return.
I'm thinking of two people specifically as I share this -- posting here because I never know what to say -- but I know others whose hearts are full of worry and pain and fear.  I never know what to say when we are face-to-face so let me do what I do best.
I wish you love like an ocean.
I wish you joy like a fountain.
I wish you peace like a river.

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