Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Lovely, Old Pet Goat

My kind of people are those who know that an old, lame goat who requires extra care is worthy of the time and consideration. Instead of putting a bullet in her head, they feed her and do the necessary work to her feet, they put her in with the lambs for company and they call her by name.
Which I don't remember but when I walked by this pen and heard the lambs inside baa-ing. A sheep call and a goat call are very similar so I replied with a goat call (learned through YouTube!) and this lovely head popped up over the barricade.
I must have spoken her name!
My kind of people are those who have children who help us remember that life isn't always about work and money, about getting something out of someone all the time. Kids, in the way they tend with devotion to any animal regardless of age or health yet particularly for those who need the extra care, remind us that being old doesn't mean being a waste of time or food or space or energy.

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