Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy Donkey

This is Sarah Jenny.
She lives on a farm in Wallace Bay.
She's lovely, gentle and sweet. Her colouring, so light, brings the mark of the cross out clearly on her back.
That's what I love most about donkeys, their spiritual lives. Sure, they play a minor role in some of the major stories of the Christian faith but sometimes those minor roles -- the quiet ones, the watchful ones, the ones putting their heads down and getting on with it -- are the most significant.
Donkeys are the symbol for carrying burdens, it is the cross they bear.
My days are busy, full of words and songs and pages, deadlines and schedules and dates. These are the days of putting my head down and getting on with it because the work needs to be done, and it is my work to do, my burden to carry. A joy, for sure, to work this hard, but I cherish the cool nights for rest.
Right now, I wish I was SJ because the most important task in her life right now is finding shade during the day. And coming to the fence for pats. And waiting for the girls to brush her in the evenings. The rewards of carrying our burdens.

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