Tuesday, August 11, 2015


In the same hour this morning, our spirits were lifted high!
I have work for the fall -- a three-month contract with a local church as a lay worship leader -- and five ospreys suddenly showed up in the sky above our property today. One flew off to sit in a tree and chirp, one brought a fish to the nest but didn't stay long and two tossed each other around while one cruised the currents.
Or something like that. We are just so relieved, so grateful to see the ospreys again. I couldn't help but raise my arms up in thanks.
"We see you!" goes both ways.
I'm sure the parents are as discombobulated as we are by the loss of the three chicks. Just as we anticipated another month of bird watching, they, too, expected their parental duties -- feeding and teaching to fly and fish -- to last another month or so.
Both these calls -- to serve, to see -- are appreciated.
My heart unclenched.  

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